Maharshi provides diverse printing solutions within its sphere through a team of highly skilled, integrated, committed and dedicated employees who are nurtured to handle responsibilities with precision. The mode through which the company operates matches those of international standard establishing a multi layer approach. It offers a wide range of printing options as enumerated below.

Prepress services

Through its highly integrated state-of-the-art hardware and software working in tandem association with highly skilled personnel trained in high quality scanning, color mixing and error fixing work is initiated on the file submitted by client.

The company uses most recent software applications such as Adobe InDesign, QuarkXpress, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia FreeHand, CorelDraw, Adobe Acrobat, PackEdge, ColorTone, ICISS, Solvero, Asura and ArtPro etc The digital proofs are then generated on various proofing machines are then made known to the client to acquire his consent.

Print services

The Company has high-end equipments for printing and the printing is prepared on array of material vis-a-vis prints on coated paper, uncoated paper, board, plastics, metalized PVC, Newsprint, LWC both reel and sheet form.


Postpress is the most critical process that provides an edge and special effect to the output. The company's postpress facility comprising gold foiling, U.V. Spot varnishing, die punching, embossing, perfect binding or thermal lamination adds the extraordinary effects to the product. Thus the product stands differentiated and churns out unique as imagined by the client.

Maharshi apart form the usual printing also takes up job works for customized segment. Those are as detailed below

  • Dom stickers for Retractor Printing on Metal sheets
  • Drop boxes All Kind of Acrylic works
  • Printing on Goodies Printing on balloons
  • Pens, Mugs, T-shirts and Diary's
  • Stamp making works
  • All kind of binding works (Spiral, Wire, Thermal, Normal, Perfect, Section)

Value Added Services

At Maharshi we understand the time value of money and how important it is to maintain the needs of the clients and their essential data for regular printing purpose. We in order to ensure that clients are provided best possible support under these circumstances have come up with a concept of repository, where we store and retrieve data of the customer that was previously done by us and depending on the necessity alter and create it to what is been looked for. With the introduction of such a facility the client can place order by just dialing in to our customer relationship organization, explaining the necessary details required and voila their work gets initiated and within no time is complete for delivery.

Your Outsourcing Partner

Maharshi Printers does all the outsourcing of all your printing needs. Through a synergy of our highly skilled manpower, technology and innovation resulting in minimize printing cost. Be it a small, medium or a large company we will emerge as a highly effective and productive outsourcing partner. We outsource almost all printing services like Screen Printing, Multi Color Printing, Promotional Works, Digital Printouts, Single Color Works and more with most quality-conscious and technically advanced.

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