The company established in the year 2000 and has since its inception rigorously striving and succeeding in its efforts to match and challenge its competitors. This is established by the fact that Maharshi is now among the most preferred company for any printing solution for the top corporate companies.

The company has state of the art infrastructure to undertake various print jobs vis-a-vis Prepress, Printing, Finishing and Binding. The USP of the company lies in understanding the importance of customer whether for an individual or a large corporate house towards providing an optimum solution with utmost reliability, dedication and innovation. The company treats their customers as a level playing field for improving their services through continuous feedback and good governance.

Systematic Flow of Work Schedule at Maharshi

The strategy adopted by the company as enumerated below towards the work is in itself a standard procedural approach for completing any task:

Maharshi Printers
01 Understanding the needs of the customer
02 Planning and studying for creating a product that provides exactly what the customer is looking at from a printing solution provider (the purpose for which it has chosen Maharshi)
03 Evaluation of the work for enhancing the features as can be thought of
04 Looking from a minute detail to the broadest possible outlook every consideration will be looked before delivery

Organisational Structures

The company has a full fledge organizational structure setup with various departments detailed below that are entrusted with an objective to contribute towards growth.

Marketing Department

Responsible for capturing market share from competitors and act as first information source for improvement in current working. Executives work tirelessly in procuring a client and help the company in their retaining by increasing customer loyalty. Since today's customer has more choices than before they are impressed by the consistency and convenience.

Customer Relationship

The department ensures that all the areas of the company are prepared for customer interaction and optimization and that customer relationship strategy are successfully implemented across organization.

The department will be responsible for

  • Driving identification of unique customer segments and identification of their needs, attitudes, product affinities and loyalty
  • Developing the core customer knowledge and educating the organization about unique needs of customer segments
  • Defining optimal contact strategy for each customer segment and creating customer interaction centers

Operational Department

The Operational Department plays a vital role as discussed below.

  • Supervision of the task adopting a personal interest policy
  • Ensuring delivery of the work through communication with the customer and understanding their needs
  • Maintaining the quality and standard of the output
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